not that kind of bear sanctuary
is it wrong that your caliborn's self insert reminds me of jontron?

that sounds like a robot but if its what u believe to be true then go for it, buddy

how have you gotten me attracted to the absolute worst self insert in the world damn you

i was in the middle of drawing him posing all sexy like just to antagonise you further but then i thought no. no. lets draw a line

Okay this is my canon for Caliborn's self-insert, but he's still not good enough of an artist to draw him like that.

you’re right… that’s probably too much beard for caliborn to handle…
but perhaps he could manage…

headcanon 4 caliborns self insert.(art c me do not steal!!1!!)

headcanon 4 caliborns self insert.

(art c me do not steal!!1!!)

Did I ever happen to recommend you to download 'hola!'?, I think for watching korra or something? Anyway if I did happen to do so perhaps check if it's on or not? (It can also take forever to load pages at times if you don't have it off btw)

I usually do keep it off but hm perhaps that is the deal w the serbia thing… Anyway I will def. look into how Paypal works and get back to you lot, but its bedtime now cause i have a 9am lecture on eating disorders & distortion of body image perception

I swear to god you've probably answered this a billion times, but do you happen to take commissions?

I think i was asked a while ago… cant quite remember. Anyway. I don’t do commissions, no. However, it’s not for lack of wanting to, I just… don’t really know how to do the financial side of things. Paypal seems the popular choice, but then I hear things about them closing your account if you sell things in the wrong way, and like, taking a chunk of money off transfers? 

Im a simple creature and easily confused, but if anyone has a link to basically ‘Paypal for idiots’ that’d be grand and I’d see about doing one or two, about a tenner a piece, that seems fair.

also lookin forward 2 seeing this lovable ball of rage back

(someone de-alphabetised his dvds again)


So supposedly friday is the promised day/gigaunpause? man i am so excited its going to be good!! Perhaps 1 day we will see tav again…