not that kind of bear sanctuary

tags i live for: #nsfw #ish

PS I joined flight rising today so if I have any followers that also just signed up/already play give me a shout, I’m kendubz there as well

earth flight represent

hey, i really love how you draw ymir and christa/historia and hope you have a super day today! :D

Thank you! I hope u have a chill day too

P.S Everybody im totally sorry for not drawing anything celebratory yesterday, I was a bit preoccupied

had a little moment of delight and shame just now ‘cos I found some porn I forgot to post eheh

i think it shall remain there its old as heck now 

bert’s wardrobe is just cardigans with elbow patches

bert’s wardrobe is just cardigans with elbow patches

*wistful sigh*

*wistful sigh*

How many requests/suggestions do you have stockpiled?

They’re definitely not all requests because I tend to hoard compliments but I can’t say I want to go through and count, you get the idea

your dualscar is perfect ok thanks bye i love your art jesus christ

its okay you can just call me kdubz

:y :y

are you planning to draw Alpha Dave and Reiner Braun?

You mean both at the same time or ?? If not, yeah I’ll probably be drawing reiner at some point in the future

Are you still busy? I knew that you're active sometimes.

Not terribly busy atm no, I’m on a break from university for a month so all I’m doing is studying, writing a very exciting essay on oscillations in the brain and messing around on this super cute mmo i found the other day.

Is there something i can do for you?